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GIS Projects

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Summary of Projects

Arboretum GIS/GPS Mapping

09.20.12 - The Boone County Arboretum is a 120-acre facility located in rural Boone County, Kentucky and is open to the public. The facility is unique in that it integrates active recreation (baseball diamonds and soccer fields), passive recreation (walking trail, and wildlife observation areas) and an Arboretum...

To better manage the constantly changing facility, the Arboretum has implemented a combination of GIS and GPS technologies under the guidance of the Boone County Planning Commission's GIS Services Division. This allows the Arboretum to continuously update their inventory of trees, shrubs, plant beds, trails, woods and wetlands year round. There are two major outcomes of this project. The first is the Arboretum Map; a PDF of this map is available online at or the Boone County GIS Map Gallery. The second outcome is an Internet Mapping Site at that gives users the most current view of what is available at the Arboretum. The following sections will outline in greater detail the various aspects of the Arboretum GIS/GPS Project. Much of the discussion will focus on the 2006 project, while the 2007 project will be mentioned occasionally. [ more]

BooneMap Applications

12.10.13 - The first BooneMap desktop application was developed and customized for the Boone County GIS member agencies in 2000. The goal was to replace the functionality of ArcView using MapObjects 2.0. These mapping software components provided the basic functionality at a much lower cost. The basic functionality included: symbolizing themes, searching for map features, identifying features, querying features, and printing maps. In 2013, Boone County GIS introduced an internet mapping version called BooneMap Online.

Today, Boone County GIS offers two (2) custom applications to its member agencies: 1) a desktop application known as BooneMap LT and 2) an internet mapping application known as BooneMap Online, which is currently being tested. These two (2) applications are responsible for getting Boone County GIS into the hands of over 750 GIS users across Northern Kentucky. [ more]

Cemetery Mapping

09.20.12 - The Boone County Kentucky Cemetery Map was produced by the Boone County Planning Commission in conjunction with the Johnson Wilson Cemetery Stewards Association. Funding was provided by the Kentucky Cemetery Preservation Fund and RC and Deborah Jo Durr. The mission statement for the Boone County Historic Cemeteries project is:

To promote Community Values through Historic Cemetery Preservation.

The hope is to accomplish this through Restoration, Education, and Documentation. It has been estimated that there are over 300 cemeteries in Boone County. However, only 196 have been mapped and documented. The majority of cemeteries in Boone County are small, privately-owned family cemeteries that are in various states of disrepair. [ more]

Data Modeling Strategies

07.03.08 - When looking at Boone County's data modeling activities, one of the most important concepts to understand has to do with the relationship between production data and published data. Simply put, this concept promotes the idea that the data being actively maintained does not have to have the same schema as the data that is being provided to end users for analysis and consumption.

A natural parent-child relationship exists between the two types of data in the sense that published (or child) data sets are produced from the production (or parent) data sets. [ more]

Document Hyperlinking

10.06.15 - The Document hyperlinking project has been ongoing in Boone County since early 2004. After several revisions of the “Proof of Concept” were completed, a final solution was implemented in the spring of 2008. Since 2004, however, the primary goal of this project has remained intact:

To provide its member agencies with access to important documents through a standard GIS application.

The three (3) major components of this project include: 1) the important documents that range from emergency contact info sheets to Sara Title III EHS Plans, 2) the standard GIS application in Boone County (BooneMap LT), and 3) the Access database used to tie everything together and act as the hyperlink repository for both creation and organization. [ more]

Internet Mapping

03.02.15 - The Internet Map Server (IMS) was introduced in January 2003 and a more robust web mapping technology, known as ArcGIS for Server (AGS), was introduced in July 2007. These two (2) technologies are commonly referred to as "interactive mapping."

Like many GIS desktop applications, internet or web mapping applications have basic functionality like: zooming, panning, searching, identifying, and printing. It is this functionality that makes these web mapping applications more "interactive."

The goal for this web mapping technology is to simply provide current GIS data to the general public over the internet in a cost effective and efficient way. Though Boone County GIS has had good and bad experiences throughout the process, the web mapping has remained cost effective because the entities involved understand the importance of giving free public access to GIS data and the web mapping applications have remained efficient because of the availability of cutting-edge technology and broadband internet. [ more]